Bridal nails

It has been awhile since i update my work in this humble space of mine *teehee*

This time i’ll be sharing 3 sets of acrylic nails done on the same person but on her 3 important occasions.

First, for her Pre wedding Photoshoot

Second, on her ROM

And lastly, on her Actual Wedding Day which is one week apart from her ROM

I’ll be doing a few more bridal nails for  these 2 months, so stay tune ~


Simple glittery nails


Have been waiting for this trip close to 7 months and it’s not going to happen if those bloody shirt people do not stop fighting out there.

I need my short getaway badly!!!!

Happy 25th to myself!!!

I’m a-quarter century old today =() happy n sad at the same time. (This post was created on the 23rd but seated in the draft until today which i decided to finish it)

Happy, coz i received many warm well wishes from my dearest frens and love ones

Sad, coz the figure is getting bigger n BIGGER.

But nevertheless, i’m really happy to have them in my life =)

Thank You Everyone!!!!


19th Mar 2010

Pics taken on the 19th with Yan at Akira are gone ! =(

no pics on food, no pics on Me, no pics on Yan. Only pics on the pressie they got me =)

Bday card from Nana. She said it’s SO me that she must get it. =)

Pazzion Bling Sandals for Na & Yan


20th Mar 2010

Baby brought me to Jumbo at Indoor Stadium for my advance bday dinner. No pics again=(

In fact, pics taken before my bday are all gone! sad to the max!

Soon said since i like to eat crab so much so he brought me to JUMBO again! (We had Jumbo for our Anniversary last year)

We ordered Butter & Black Pepper Crab each and other dish as well. I ate all the giap giap, eat until so full that i can’t even walk straight =)

Bag from my Soon ❤

22nd Mar 2010

Had my first cake at my Soon’s house.

Rambutan Almond Cake fromPokka

Aunty, 38 and Sufen got me a pendant from Citigem coz i lost the heart pendant they got me last year =(

Had my favourite wine with Soon when the clock strike 12 =)

23rd Mar 2010

Had lunch at Traders Hotel with Colleagues

This cute Cow is from Irene =)

In the evening,

I had dinner with my family at SEAFOOD PARADISE, crab again!!! But this time, xiaojie ordered Chili crab =)

Soon ordered this yummilicious durian cake from Emicakes before he left for Indo and had it delivered to my house.

See! the durian is gao gao one! =)

Had my last bday dinner at Lenas with 4XiongDi out of 10 or isit 9? ahaha

I love how i look in these 2 pics above. My face like very smooth, but it’s not! so sad lo=(

Just yday, another one happily showed up near my chin. arghhhhh~

And lastly, gonna end tis post with Kok n No =)

More designs…

This set of polka dots nails didn’t turn out quite well =(

This set of french nails turned out so much better than i expected. *grinz*

Acrylic sculpture nails that i did for myself 3months back. Filing part almost killed me but nevertheless, i love this piece of art that i created =)

I’m totally worn out!!!!!!!

For this entire week, i’ve been doing nails. Super shag & exhausted =(

Every night slept at almost 2am,and the next morning gotta wake up at 745am for work .

Tho, it’s only for a week but i really cannot tahan leh. Yesterday, did for 3 customers from 6 plus to 11 plus after e last one left, i felt super nauseous. Never had this kinda feeling before lo.

I will have my LAST customer later in the afternoon. then close shop! ahaha

I’m tired but i’m happy =) but at e same time, i feeling alil’ sad as well coz i didnt get to see/spend much time with my SOON.

Sad to say, we won’t be able to celebrate Valentine’s day this year =(

Anyway, i have no pictures to upload except ONE!

Btw, today i’m all alone in the office! ahahaha

Friend to Foe

You just don’t deserve to be my friend, NOT anymore!

Is your fault and problem but make me look like the BIG bully and you are the 可怜虫.

First, telling me that your IB needs 3days to process -_-‘ (ok fine, maybe she accidentally hit e advance transfer button) I’ll wait with no question asked.

… i wait n wait like a fool without any msg from her.

I went down to her place to collect my stuffs(which i bought from her like don’t know how many freaking mths back) n hopefully the $ as well. I got home empty handed! Waste my time n money for travelling down.

Keep giving me excuses, where got so coincident one? You really think that i’m stupid isit?

She told me the bank voided her transaction and will take awhile to return her the $$$ via cheque which she said e bank prefer to do so (rolled eyes -_-”) ok fine, i take her shit without qsn asked again.

Waited n waited still no news from her. Then she told me her uncle passed away need to help her aunt for the funeral. I don’t know whether it is true or not. She  gave  me too much craps already just to defer the payment. I just can’t be bothered so much this time round. So i insist her to pay up on that night after she got home from the funeral.

Good! That night she returned $200 out of $301.50. She told me that she only left $200 in the bank will bank in her cash on hand tomorrow. K lo, since she cleared some of it  i just go easy on her. Hopefully, she will automatic trasnfer e balance without me asking her.

After a week, no news from her… She simply vanish into thin air. Never reply my msg or return my call.

All my msgs throughout these 3 months sounded really nice, coz i still treat her as my F-R-I-E-N-D. But not until few days ago, when she can’t be bothered to reply any of my msg. SHE HAS REACHED MY LIMIT! U FAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She avoided all my calls just because she has no money to return me… She even blame me for chasing her to pay up. Hello, it’s merely $100 ($101.50 to be exact) you think is the $ that matters most to me??? Is your attitude n principle that makes me puke la! Now then come and tell me you have no $$$, isit all your $$$ went to your LV passport holder fund?

Still got the cheek to talk back, sounded as if is my bloody fault. Go eat shit la!

Next time if you owe ppl $$$, pls return first then go and buy whatever shit you wanna buy. Don’t let the kind soul wait for you like a fool. A msg from you regarding the payment will probably work fine but u have messed it up.

I don’t care whether it is $100K, $100 or even $0.001 you must return me the $$$!!!